By joining the AAU, am I automatically placed on a team?

The AAU is operated by volunteers. The AAU relies on the community and community leaders to organize teams. The AAU does not place individuals on teams; however, we do offer some online tools.  There is a feature on the web site called “Find a Club” that will allow you to see what clubs are located in your area and contact them about age groups, tryouts, etc.  To find a club in your area, you can go to “Find A Local Club” by Clicking here

How much does it cost to be a member of the AAU?

For a basic Youth Athlete Membership the fee is $14 / AAU year, which runs from September 1 – August 31.  For a basic Non-Athlete Membership the fee is $16 / AAU year. The AAU does offer different levels of individual membership as well as an Adult Program.  For a complete pricing list of all AAU Memberships, please CLICK HERE

What is the AAU?

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is one of the largest, non-profit, volunteer, sports organizations in the United States. A multi-sport organization, the AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs. Find out more about the AAU by clicking HERE and browsing the different sport pages of the website.

How do I find a coach or instructor?

Contact a local club for information in your area.  To Find a local Club CLICK HERE

How do I start an AAU Club?

Before you begin Click Here for more information on the types of clubs available and determining which one is right for you. First, you will need to purchase an AAU non-athlete membership for the person designated as the “club contact”.  Once that person receives an e-mail from the AAU containing his/her AAU non-athlete membership number he/she may purchase the appropiate level of club membership. Upon checkout a “club code” will be designated to the club that will be able to provide to all athletes registering under the club.  They will put this club code into all their individual athlete membership applications in order to attach them to your club.

What are the benefits of joining AAU?
Some of the many benefits include affiliation with one of the most respected and oldest youth amateur organizations in the United States, opportunities to participate in outstanding sporting events, over 34 sports to choose among, world-class insurance coverage is included in your membership at no additional charge, coaches’ training at no additional charge, ability to host events if you are a club level 2 or 3, easy and fast avenue to become a 501c3 not-for-profit organization as a subordinate of the AAU with a club level 3 membership, right to participate in the governance of the organization, dedicated volunteers and staff for your specific sport, a wide variety of events at ESPN Wide World of Sports in Walt Disney World Resort® and many, many, more.
Club Memberships & the differences between Levels 1, 2, & 3

AAU Club Membership is for organizations incorporated or unincorporated such as Y.M.C.A’s, Boys & Girls Clubs, Businesses, Mom & Pop Teams, etc.

A Club Level 1 is our basic Club Membership that allows you to participate in all of our team sports.  With this membership you are eligible to participate in events, vote at appropriate district meetings, and receive sanction for practice insurance.

A Club Level 2 gives you all of the benefits of a Club Level 1 Membership and also allows you to be eligible to sanction to host an event and use the AAU Name & Logo in AAU Sanctioned events.

A Club Level 3 allows you to receive the benefits of a Club Level 2 Membership and also allows you to be eligible for tax-exempt status, except tax-exempt donations, and become sales tax-exempt in your state.  For more information on AAU Club Memberships including Club Fees, please CLICK HERE
Do I have to be a member of the AAU to participate in an event?

Yes. All participants [athletes and non-athletes (Administrator, Bench Personnel, Coach, Instructor, Manager, Team Leader, Tournament Director, Volunteer, Other)] must be current AAU members to participate in AAU sanctioned events.

How do I become a coach?
There are two things you’ll need to do in order to become a coach.  Please see those steps below.

1. You will need to purchase a non-athlete membership. The cost of a membership is $16 per non-athlete or $18 for the extended benefit membership. This card is for coaches and bench personnel.
2. The AAU National Office is happy to provide FREE Coaches’ Education for all AAU Non-Athletes.   This exciting program is administered by Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), using their Double-Goal Coach online courses.  A Double-Goal Coach has two goals:  the first is to win, but the second, more important goal, is to teach life lessons through sports.  The Positive Coaching Alliance Coaches’ Education is mandatory.
Click here to get started
How do I join the AAU? I am an Athlete

If you are an Athlete interested in competing in the AAU you must first become a member.  To purchase your Athlete Membership Click Here to create an account and fill out the athlete membership application.  I am a Coach?  If you are a Non-Athlete (coach or official) interested in coaching or becoming a part of a Club/Team you must first become a member as well.  To purchase your Non-Athlete Membership Click Here to create an account and fill out the non-athlete membership application.

Do all my coaches have to take the PCA courses?

Yes. The Positive Coaching Alliance course is mandatory for all non-athlete memberships in AAU. The course takes approximately one hour but does not have to be completed all in one sitting. You can take it one module at a time if you wish and come back to the rest of it later. There is normally a charge for this course, but for AAU members, it is one of the many benefits included in your membership.

Can I register to become a member of the AAU online?

Yes! Click Here to go to the Membership section of the website for more information and an online application.

How many members must be in my club?

There are no minimum or maximum membership requirements for a club, except when referring to voting rights in the governance of the AAU. In order to have voting rights at your District or Sport Committee meetings you must have 5 registered members in your club.

Do I need to sign up and pay for the athletes in my club or are the parents responsible for that?

This is up to you. You may obtain their information and sign up purchase for them you may provide your club code to their parents with instructions on what to do in order to purchase their own memberships.

How long is the AAU Membership valid?
AAU Membership is valid from September 1st until August 31st.  No matter the time of the year the membership is purchased (unless it is a multi-year membership) it will only be valid until the following August 31st.
There is a player who wants to join a team in our club who used to play for another club in our area. What do we need to do to attach that player?

If that player has played in an AAU-sanctioned event within the past 60 days, you will need to obtain a release form from that player’s prior club before s/he will be eligible to compete with your club. You may obtain a player release form either from your district’s registrar, or by contacting AAU at 407.934.7200.

Do I need to request certificates in order for my facility to be coered by insurance?

No, you only need to request third party insurance certificates if the facility you are using requires them.  The facility is covered by our General Liability policy whether you request the certificate or not.  The AAU does not control what the facility requires for practice.

By joining the AAU, am I automatically registered to participate in an event?

No. Event registration is separate. You must contact an event operator to enter. Click here to Find an Event.

Can my club have more than one team in it?

Yes, you may have as many teams in your club as you wish.

When I'm registering for membership, there's a space for Club Code. What do I need to put there?

If you know the code associated with your club, place it in the space provided. If you are not sure or a team is not applicable to your sport, leave the space blank. Your membership application will still be processed.

If I purchase a club membership do I still need to sign up the athletes?

Yes, everyone participating in your club or on your team (s) must also have an individual athlete or non athlete membership.

How do I contact you for more information?

Go to the green customer service button at the top of the page to email the AAU National Office your question or call 407-934-7200. If you are looking for the local office in your area, go to the District office page by clicking here.

My child is finished with Volleyball (or any sport) and now is playing Basketball (any sport). How do I change the sport on the membership? Or do I need to purchase another membership?

You do not need to change the sport, as our youth program allows for any youth athlete to participate in all AAU Sports.

What are the categorizes of Club Membership?

There are three (3) categories of Clubs Memberships – Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.  To view details about each level of club membership, click here.

I need to sign up as a coach or an official. What do I need to do?

You need to go to www.aausports.org click on ‘JOIN AAU’ and purchase an ‘Non-Athlete Membership’.

Can I upgrade to the Level 3, Non Profit Status Club?

No, there are no upgrades to a Club Level 3 membership (or refunds for a club level 1 or Club Level 2). You must purchase a new club Level 3 membership.

I need a copy of my child's membership and I did not create an account.

Go to www.aausports.org and click on “MEMBERSHIP LOOK UP” icon.  Click the appropiate link and provide the following information exactly as it would be listed on your membership card (first name, last name, zip code, and birthdate). Submit this information and your membership information as well as membership card should be displayed. If this process is not working and you are still having trouble locating the card please submit a customer ticket by clicking the “CUSTOMER SERVICE” icon at the top of this page.

Must I sign up all my athletes at once?

No you may sign up your athletes at any time during the membership year; however, be sure any athletes or non-athletes have a membership BEFORE they participate in any practices or events.

If my athlete's parents forget to put my club code in my athlete's membership application, how can I attach that player(s) to my club?

Visit www.aausports.org and click the membership look up icon in order to view and edit the athletes membership (you will have to input the players first name, last name, zip code, and birth date.  If you are still having problems, submit a “CUSTOMER SERVICE” ticket by clicking the customer service icon at the top of this page.

I purchased the wrong membership. I bought the $14 regular membership, and I need the $16 extended coverage (AB) membership, how can I change this?

Due to insurance restrictions, we are no longer able to upgrade a regular membership to the extended benefit membership. Purchase of an additional extended benefit membership will be required.

How can I view/print my insurance certificate?

At www.aausports.org, go to the Insurance Overview tab click on Insurance Certificates. Then click Print/View Certificates, enter your club code and click Find Certificate. All your certificates will display. Click the one(s) you need and print.

I coach more than one team or I coach both boys and girls basketball (or multiple sports) do I need a membership for each sport or each team?

No, our youth program allows for you to participate in all AAU youth Sports with one Non Athlete Membership.

How many club memberships can I have?

You may purchase as many club memberships as you wish.

How can I change my club name?

You can only change your club name if you have not purchased any insurance certificates. You will need to make a club name change in writing via email or fax to the support services department. If you have purchased insurance certificates under your club name, you will simply need to purchase another club membership as your club name cannot be changed

Some of my athletes say they have purchased memberships but do not show on my listings.

The AAU does have tools available on the website for members to add club codes or reprint memberships. Click here to visit the “Look up Membership” feature on our website

Is Membership prorated?

We do not offer a prorated membership.

I am a coach & an athlete. Do I need to purchase both an athlete & non athlete membership?

Yes, the AAU requires all Non Athletes (coaches) to fill out the non athlete membership application. If you participate as an athlete as well you will also need an athlete membership.

How can I replace a lost membership card?

You can replace a lost card by Clicking Here.

Can my club participate in multiple sports?

If your club is in our youth program, you may participate in any AAU Sport.

Does the National Office have a toll-free number?

No. We do have a toll-free number for the District Offices, which is 1-800-AAU-4USA.

I need a membership card or to sign up my child, how do I do that?

You need to go to www.aausports.org and click on JOIN AAU. This page lists the different membership applications we have available as well as prompts you to create an account in order to purchase them online. If you are signing up your child to participate as an athlete click on the “athlete membership(s)” link. Click here for more information on the types of memberships that are available.

Can I upgrade my club so I can host an event?

Yes, you may upgrade your club level 1 membership to a club level 2 membership. You will need to call the National office at 407-934-7200 and tell the receptionist you would like to upgrade your club membership.

I cannot log in to the club admin area.

The issue may be you did not list yourself on the club or the name as the club contact does not match the name on the membership. The name on the membership must match EXACTLY the name on the club as the contact.